UFG Russia Select Fund Ranked #1 Equities Long-Short / Russia Fund
June 01, 2021
UFG Russia Select Fund Ranked #1 Equities Long-Short / Russia Fund

Our flagship strategy — UFG Russia Select Fund — was selected as the Best Equities Long-Short / Russia Fund at the 2021 Russian Hedge Fund Industry Awards ceremony.

The 7th Russian Hedge Fund Industry Awards ceremony was held in Moscow on May 31. The event was organized by the National Alternative Investment Management Association (NAIMA) and the Moscow Hedge Fund Managers Club, with the support of Bloomberg.

UFG Russia Select Fund invests in high-liquid equities of the largest Russian companies (comprising over a 90% weight in the portfolio) and the top-quality blue chips of other CIS-countries (comprising not more than 5-10%). The Fund has won the Russia Hedge Funds Industry Award as the leader among all long-short funds investing in Russia. According to the most recent data (end-May 2021), since January 2010 the Fund has soared an incredible +141% in USD, while by contrast the MSCI Russia Index has dropped −5% over the same period. Thus, our Fund has outperformed the country’s benchmark Index over the long run across all market cycles.

The Fund’s long-running success is rooted in a concentrated portfolio of non-index securities (about 20 positions), trend monitoring, and fundamental corporate analysis, as well as the ability to efficiently hedge risk exposure during periods of higher volatility. This provides us with the ability to preserve investment capital and respond rapidly to market dynamics by instantly reducing or increasing the Fund’s investment assets in response to even the slightest market fluctuations. Since 2010 the Fund has grown in tandem with market growth, while falling only one-third the amount that the market has dropped during periods of correction.