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UFG AM Public Markets Funds
UFG AM Public Markets Funds offers institutional and other qualified investors liquid asset management strategies through individual investment accounts and a family of international hedge funds that invest in equity and fixed income securities in Russia and CIS countries.
UFG AM has $258 million in public markets investment strategies.
UFG Private Equity
UFG Private Equity invests in fast-growing companies in Russia and CIS countries, focusing on Healthcare, BPO (Business Processes Outsourcing), Telecom & Technology, and Consumer Staples & Retail. The two UFG Private Equity funds have a total of $430 million of investments and commitments. UFG Private Equity also offers co-investment opportunities on larger deals.
Real Estate
The UFG Real Estate funds for institutional investors focus on investing in Russian commercial real-estate, primarily located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, that can produce strong operating cashflows and operational improvements over the period of ownership. The three UFG Real Estate funds have a total of $400 million of investments and commitments. UFG Real Estate also offers co-investment opportunities on larger deals.
Charles E. Ryan Charles E. Ryan Chairman
Florian Fenner Florian Fenner Partner
Pauline Gerasimenko Pauline Gerasimenko Partner
Martin O. Skelly Martin O. Skelly Partner
Dominic Reed Dominic Reed UFG Private Equity
Arthur Akopyan Arthur Akopyan UFG Private Equity
Ivan Litvintsev Ivan Litvintsev UFG Private Equity
Denis Martynov Denis Martynov UFG Real Estate
Tatiana Konina Tatiana Konina UFG Real Estate
Vadim Ogneshchikov Vadim Ogneshchikov UFG AM Public Markets Funds
Adrian Parkinson Adrian Parkinson UFG AM Public Market Funds